Sunflower County Systems Change Project

Sunflower County Systems Change Project (SCSCP) is a community based systems change approach that addresses school discipline, juvenile justice and media narrative of young men and boys of color (YMBOC). This project is a partnership between the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, Mississippi Center for Justice, Sunflower County Consolidated School District and the Sunflower Consolidated School District P-16 Council. Read More...




The SCSCP Project Team and Advisory Council traveled to Miami, Florida  to learn more about the innovative work being done to positively impact students and dismantle the pipeline to prison. SCCSD Discipline Coordinator William Murphy wrote of his experience in Miami and how it shaped changes in the district’s new dress code policy.

“Discipline means teach, but we have turned it into punish.”

-Reimagining School Discipline, Miami 2016 (more…)

Project Updates

Reclaiming Our Origins Through Stories Museum Exhibit

Reclaiming Our Origins through Stories Exhibition Collected by 19 African American teenagers from across Sunflower County who are working towards...

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“School House Rights Rock”

The R.O.O.T.S of Sunflower County, a group of 19 young men assembled as a part of the Sunflower County Systems...

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Latest News

Change is Happening Everywhere

Not only are there districts that are changing the way they view discipline, they are changing school culture! Schools in…

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