Young Men and Boys of Color face cultural and criminal stereotypes that leave them vulnerable to adverse impacts like school pushout and negative media perceptions, forcing them in the school to prison pipeline. One part of the systems change project focuses on discipline policies and juvenile justice; however, a large focus is the perceptions of YMBOC that often leads  to disparate treatment within the school system.

The media plays a large part in the perceptions of YMBOC; in addition to the negative sentiments that are reflective in the community. It’s human nature  for  these  perceptions  to  guide interaction and lead to a large divide between the community and the young men and boys  of color who are often  the  victims  of  criminalization.

The SCSCP is helping to eradicate the barrier of negative perceptions and create an intergenerational space for youth in Sunflower County to engage with the community to impact positive change and change the narrative of YMBOC in the Sunflower County.

Who Benefits?

4,200 students and 300 teachers and administrators in the consolidated school system by connecting the systems that impact school environment, thereby enhancing

Law enforcement and juvenile justice systems by developing alternatives that support positive interactions with YMBOC, thereby, reducing the number of youth court referrals.

Sunflower County community as a whole by developing and encouraging students to be better educated and productive contributors to the local economy.

Other school districts by having a tested and proven model that can be tailored to teach individual community’s needs.


 Sunflower County Systems Change Project Brochure

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