Data Reports

This report details the steps the SCSCP took to spark systemic change, and it also
shows the power of story in the narrative change work of the R.O.O.T.S.
project. This report can be used to mirror similar change in communities
and also draw inspiration from the stories of those in Sunflower County,
inspiring communities abroad to challenge the negative narratives of
YMBOC and encourage them to reclaim their true narrative through story.
This data report is the product of a collaborative effort of a community
committed to changing systems that funnel its children out of the classroom
and into the juvenile justice system. The dedication of youth, advocates,
parents, community members, educators, school administrators and law
enforcement officers has resulted in the establishment of a foundation
upon which change in Sunflower County can be built. This community’s
willingness to take a close look at itself, to listen to its youth and learn
from them the impact of zero-tolerance policies, to embrace new models
and thought patterns, to extensively review its policies, to participate
in meaningful solution-oriented discussions and to vigorously work to
change narratives and practices that push students out of the learning
environment is evident in this report.

To view the complete report, click the link below. 

The Story of the Sunflower County Systems Change Project 

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